Home Loan

A home loan can have a significant impact on a borrower’s immediate and long-term financial objectives, and remember that buying a home is the most expensive financial investment you will make.

If you can dream it, you can own it! Everything you need to know to avail of a home loan is right here. You can be assured of fair terms, total transparency and flexibility.

Resale Loan

We understand the reasons which perhaps are critical to your home buying decision. With AK Finance you can purchase a 'Resale Home' best suited to your requirements.

Spotted the house you always wanted to have?
Then let your dream come true immediately & effortlessly. You can benefit from affordable with AK Finance if you are seeking a home loan as an Individual.

Mortgage Loan

Your home builds value both emotionally and economically with time. With AK Finance you can leverage the economic worth of your home while continuing to enjoy occupancy of the same.

With AK Finance you can leverage the property you own to avail additional finances when you need it or to purchase new property. From property mortgage to long term loans through encashing rental cash flow, you can now expand your business, acquire an asset or satisfy personal financial requirements through AK Finance.

NRP(Non Residential Property) Loan

Achieving your goals requires dedication and hard work but it begins with the right environment. With a workplace tailored for your profession, you can take your professional dreams to the next level. If you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or a Self Employed Businessman, AK Finance will help you own the workplace of your choice so that you can take a step closer to your business goals.

Expert legal and technical counselling to help you make the right property buying decision.

Simple repayments through monthly instalments.

Exchange Loan

Overt or implied contract requiring a lender to deliver to a borrower specific property and/or cash. A type of lend lease. Within a defined or agreed-to period of time, the borrower returns the property, or an agreed-to equivalent as required, to the lender.

Balance Transfer Loan

Feeling the interest burden of your existing home loan? Relax! Transfer your home loan with AK Finance at a lower interest rate with a Balance Transfer home loan. Further, you also have the option of a Top-Up loan over and above the balance you transfer.

Top-Up Loan

Sometimes dreams need a little extra help. With AK Finance you can celebrate your personal or professional milestones such as marriage, a dream vacation, business expansion, debt consolidation etc. Let your dream fuel more dreams.

Loans for a variety of personal or professional needs (other than for speculative purposes).

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?